letting go

Letting Go, stretching back three decades...

A master edit of Letting Go, which began simultaneously as a freestyle piano project and a stretching of the legs on some new equipment.




On Jovian Clouds:


The Drive:


Lake Ransom:


6 comments on “letting go

  1. Music is good for the soul… this has touched mine. So beautiful!

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  2. I’ve been listening to all your pieces while working. I like them all. I hope you add some more soon!

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    • Fantastic! Believe it or not, I have my own music playlisted with other stuff I like for while I’m writing. For it to be listened to is the highest praise for the musician, much as the artist’s canvas would want mostly to be seen or the beauty of word to be read for the poet. You’ve been quite kind to go through the catalog, Wyncliffe…I’ll keep them coming over time!

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  3. I love this music!

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    • You know, this song is incredibly special to me. It has been with me a very, very, very long time. It would be sitting right next to the truth to say it constitutes the nucleus of my childhood love affair with the piano…and music composition in general. The keys and lay for this song were the very first coherent, reasonably competent, song I ever wrote. Amazingly, I did not sit down to compose it into a finished track until earlier this year…I’d like to believe I’ve carried it with me all these years for these very moments of great emotional challenge in my life.

      Although Lake Ransom has been getting all the attention here lately, Letting Go is easily the one song, if I were forced to choose but one, I’d want most to be associated with. It is far and away my favorite piece personally, chiefly because it was an almost entirely personal history- and heart-rendered production. It has an indescribably significant gravity for me.

      Thank you, Celestial, for spending time with it; moreover, thank you for making the time to grace it with your words. I appreciate the comment. Have a great week…

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      • Thank you Windstrewn. I can tell you are very talented. I am amazed that you compose such beautiful tunes. I have been involved with music most of my life – I sing, and play the flute, and I’ve tried to compose but not really. Not very good. My strength is in words, in poetry. Since I was young, I would write stories or poems. You seem to be similar with your young talent of creating gorgeous music. Never stop. Keep posting. Letting Go is beautiful. I love it. Definitely will hear more. 🙂 Hope your day is lovely. ❤

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