on jovian clouds

New music!

All of my songs will be remastered within three-four weeks, pending a more stringent copyright certification…and, beyond that shortly, available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and the like, both as singles or as an album. I’ll let you all know when the dam breaks! Meanwhile, keep writing, reading and listening. There is no set of stairs without a step stepped-upon. Believe in your staircase. When nobody else does, it lies there…just beyond the obscuring vapor. It may seem imaginary. But you’ve invested a lifetime of heart-traipsing on the paths that’ve led you there. Only a fool would believe it leads to nowhere…and no fool reads this now, or ever will. On Jovian Clouds: one of three songs that’ve been clogging my pipeworks the past couple of months or so. Sampled and produced on open-back AKG K712s; I promise you’ll get more from the track through headphones or decent speakers yourself. Be sure to visit the leading track: Letting Go, something that has haunted me since I was a teenager. Only now, thirty years later, does it accept the closed doors necessary to the steered-arrival at this moment. Have a great week…and beyond.


Letting Go:


The Drive:


Lake Ransom:



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5 comments on “on jovian clouds

  1. Heart-traipsing, what a wonderful word. You have reached the landing for letting go, stepping off a thirty year path onto the next flight of stairs. Onward and upward. Congratulations 🙂

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    • I’ve traipsed a great deal, Raili, and have tripped…I suspect the adventure of my walk is only now beginning. But my path…perhaps, on its hard and jagged stones, I’ve known no greater peace than when I accepted it as mine. Thank you. Thank you, Raili….sincerely.

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