ghosts becoming

I let them go. I flail them in.

From jumping star to star,
Tempest-sailing a solar flare,
    Lassoing the ice-hot comet
          And wince-staring into the glare
  Of all glory, my fireflies in a jar;
To loose the lid, I draw tempted-near,
Only to wring it rightly tight—
    But to save them—
          And, with them, come screaming down
  As lost, aimless, otherworldly stones
Flung from a thousand light-years afar,
Charring blue-mantled atmosphere
    With scorching passion and rebellious fear—
          Back to earth we fall
  Like a heaven-heavy inferno-ball.
I let them go.
I flail them in.
    I ebb and flow
          In the foreshadow of yesteryear.
  I love them whole.
I love them away.
I love them back,
    Yet so love them not to dare them stay.
          My wings swing ‘round,
  In full circle they whistle through the air,
Their singed tips sing in wisps of smoke—
And nothing is everywhere.
     A ghost becoming
          On wishes and what-of-ing,
  I pare a care to the core of one thing:
My love for them,
How I should cherish the dream
    Where my heart’d be steady-lit
          By the blush of their ready beam—
  How that’s something
Worth star-jumping for—
Again and again, it would seem.

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7 comments on “ghosts becoming

  1. Oh my, so many interesting words – tempted-near, heaven-heavy, what-of-ing….. so clever! So eye-cathchingly meaning-full

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Raili…as over-populated and tiredly beaten as the English language sometimes seems, I think it still camouflages a lot of creative and emotive opportunity. Countless others I’ve read over the years discover and pen its beautiful secrets better than I dare even try, but I take to it anyway…simply because of how the process opens me up, heals me, teaches me, and loves me back.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Billy Ray and Julie Anne, both, thank you for keeping me company for a moment. Your time and visitation is no small comfort to me. I smile that you might enjoy even one word written here. Have a great weekend!


  2. I like poems that soar out of this world into the cosmos. Good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am warmed that you enjoyed this piece, Tom and Ethel. Much of what I write never makes it to this catalog (and, in all honest humor, some works that have might shouldn’t have); but, if it’s no breach of selfish etiquette, I have to admit this poem is one of my personal favorites on the year. I still enjoy giving it a read, if just to be drawn near again to its emotional gravity for me personally. As you enjoyed this one, my friends, I’ve another to point you to that is thematically similar:


      Thank you for gifting me your time to take in some of my work and share your feelings. I’m both humbled and grateful for your company. Have a fantastic week.


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