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promise: a community interaction

If you're intrigued, your time within this post may require some effort.

What do you do,
When somebody breaks it for you?

My intention is to write poetically on the subject, and to weigh/involve your thoughtful comments philosophically. If you’re intrigued, your time within this post may require some effort. How does this question call you, challenge you, reacquaint you with something very personal? Or, for you, is it more a general search of principle? For me, it’s both microscopically introspective, panoramically outlooking, and an important question for each of us either way. Moreover, the structure of your response may well be telling: are you inspired to soliloquy by the gravity of the question or is yours such an immediate and innate response that few words serve it best? Promises tend to invoke higher, evermore indescribable warrants such as honor, identity, beauty and love. But that doesn’t inherently mean that our grasp of the concepts behind these very granular words need be many-fingered and complex. I’m hungry to hear a word from the community, no matter how the question above might meet each of you.

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4 comments on “promise: a community interaction

  1. My first, and immediate response is ‘I want to do it myself!’ like a little kid claiming independence and ownership rights. An invasion of me, my space, my right to decide, my action or inaction – how dare someone else do all that on my behalf! I may not have wanted it broken, whatever ‘it’ is. And yet, we are currently in the throws of doing that very thing – giving legal, signed permission, willingly and knowingly, for others (with whom we have loving and trusting relationships) to make decisions on our behalf in the future if the need arises. When we no longer have the capacity to do so. God willing that will never happen. It’s a weird feeling. ‘Tis a complex question…….

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    • That this is a complex question is certainly true, Raili…such that the complexity of any answer may seem inescapable. And unavoidably personal. Where I think the rubber might leave the road here is whether or not we might be willing to let go of a problem or a circumstance or a decision made over which we have no direct control…usually because that responsibility lies with the person or principle with whom we’ve entrusted it. And not because we lack the courage or resolve or willingness or information to fully engage it, but because the opposite is true: we cling tightly to a higher thing we’ve battled to discover, such that we’re now prepared to surrender the petty to protect the pearl. Much goes into a promise, and many scars might be endured to shield its keeping. Yet, if on the other end of that promise it is sacrificed on the killing fields of what matters, what do we do with ourselves and what’s within us that first and ongoingly kept the promise worth keeping? If the promise becomes defenseless, what of us? How do we remain justified without pointing a finger? And that, I believe, is at the very heart of character…and certainly at the heart of what first makes a promise worth promising. Who are we when our faithfulness and respect for honor are thrown in our face? Who would we become?

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  2. Are you sure you’re an ‘average dude’? If I’m impressed or interested in your content, I respond. If I just like it, I push the ‘like’ button. Otherwise, I’m too dense to get what you’re writing here. I don’t invest in all responses you get. My presumption is someone has written something about one of your posts that upsets you…’that breaks it for you’? I’ve liked what you’ve posted so far, but, this one sounds a bit pompous! Sorry…

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    • I appreciate your honesty, truly. I have great respect for calling it like it is. I’m Texan…they put it in the dirt out here. I’ve not room enough in my life for circles, or for dragging a wounded leg.

      When I started this blog, it was essentially a therapeutic exercise. I needed something. A canvas for my heartache. Maybe more than that, a blank piece of paper on which to remember hope, refamiliarize myself with some core beliefs, talk about why I am who and what I am. The question at center of this post reaches far deeper than an online slight. I’ve been slapped much, much harder by life than that, my friend. For me personally, this discussion springs from the concept of love, faithfulness, trust and honor. I don’t know that I found my way to how important those ideas are until I was middle-aged. Strangely, the older I get the more they seem to matter.

      You generally don’t see these things reflected well in our younger generations, although there are plenty of young romantics out there. Still, I fear the vine dies little by little. My goal here was not only to search myself as to the scales of love, hope, honor, self-understanding–or the idea of making and keeping a promise. I’ve become very intimate with what those concepts mean to me. Rather, I wanted to hear the heart-stories and perspectives of others…and, perhaps, pay homage to something outside of myself when and as I write. It’s been a year since I lost my wife. I’m ready to listen to someone other than myself for a change.


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