set me straight

Fine, break me to pieces.


Set me straight.
    Sole my blistered feet
        And lash-tight each lace—
          Or whimsy-do,
            Curve-under-grace, wear it.
            Bedevil me, my lady.
        Quicken my pulse,
      Swiften my pace,
    Give me something to chase.
      Save my face,
          Its shine.
            Fine, break me to pieces.
          Pick from the creases
        Those tiny shards that sparkle.
      Unearth what’s remarkable
        From me:
          Those few teases
        Of brilliance and sweetness;
      Find the window in my weakness,
    If it means you might rekey
  My indifference.
My hesitance.
  My penance.
      Pay it in full with that smile—
              God, that smile.
Put me barefoot on that long mile,
  I’d ripped-and-torn race it.
        Run it as fools but talk it.
                    Chalk it done.
            I’m gonna run right through it,
      Into it.
  Many have taught me,
Brought me to the awareness
That I’m far from saintly,
  But, faintly, immortal.
    They crushed me, yeah.
        Hurt me, burned me, buried me—
              Left me to wither,
                      Tossed away.
        Loved me less, yeah.
      Silenced my say,
    Set my sail to sway astray
  In whatever wind—
  But they saved me
    Trying to drown me,
      Set me unwittingly adrift
          Unto your island,
                Across that tumultuous,
                      Ravenous sea.
You reel me in,
    Dim-lit in strobe-of-storm.
      Your warm-breath colors my chest,
        Your kiss all rest
          To the best left in my broken bones.
            You give me slingless firestones
            For my chill,
          Carve a cave in the hill
      And drag me home.
  Tearfully and grey,
I’d roam another hundred heartaches
  To know your absence of hate.
    Sorry I’m late, but love me anyway.
          Lift me onto your clouds.
                  Set me straight.

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