on jovian clouds

On Jovian Clouds

I’ve been reviewing my small catalog; this one keeps haunting me (in particular, the breaking through at 4:36). Thought I’d bring it forward again. While I like to tell stories, even in music, this one teaches me an old tale over again: Though dreams may be strange, we are not necessarily strangers in and to them, nor should we ever owe them even one flightless feather of fear.


Letting Go:


Kibo’s Dream:

The Drive:


Lake Ransom:



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5 comments on “on jovian clouds

  1. Heart-traipsing, what a wonderful word. You have reached the landing for letting go, stepping off a thirty year path onto the next flight of stairs. Onward and upward. Congratulations 🙂

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    • I’ve traipsed a great deal, Raili, and have tripped…I suspect the adventure of my walk is only now beginning. But my path…perhaps, on its hard and jagged stones, I’ve known no greater peace than when I accepted it as mine. Thank you. Thank you, Raili….sincerely.

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