not dostoevsky’s problem

Dismissed for impatient wishes...

    Of paper plates and plasticware,
An unwilling bachelor is unfrillingly made.
        Ramen, McIlhenny and expired milk;
    Half his bed is laid with unwrinkled silk,
A false-luxury he lavished upon himself.
    Most drawers empty, save one for skivvies
        And another for unkemptly-paired socks,
            None for the tempt-privies of a warming soul—
    Those were interred in a Rubbermaid box.
Baton-twirling bunnies barred from the clocks,
    But one honeyless key for the locks,
        He talks, tongue-in-cheek, to himself—
Just banter-hope, like dust, on a thinning shelf.
            After one or four whiskey-over-rocks,
        If the icebox needn’t a defrost again,
    He doesn’t waste a wonder on when
He’ll thunder once more into wildfire-frisky;
Rather, how lately-soon they’ll cart him off
    To earthen-kin, Leavenworth or the loony bin.
        He’s not Dostoevsky’s problem,
            But a simple southwest-boy
    Clutching a wilt-given, late-spring blossom,
          As likely to wake unto sun and joy
      As the depressingly play-dead possum—
              So still, though heart-piercingly alive.
          Oh, wind, quiet the comb for the beehive,
    As he’s alive-inside as vivid could buzzingly seem,
The dream of a ridiculous man—
        A secretly felicitous, deliciously missed,
      Hardship-kissed, singularly solicitous man—
    Dismissed for impatient wishes.
  Fear not that love could fade-away with him,
For should it on a too-reckless whim,
  His ghost would revisit to rake the husk-seeds
        And wraith-water them green again:
            Green-again and exploding with color-plural,
          A mural as to why we should never be—
      And never truly are—
        Alone in this ravaged, risk-managed,
  So-selfishly damaged, artless-want world.

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1 comment on “not dostoevsky’s problem

  1. Nice rhyming. And this is just badass:

    “His ghost would revisit to rake the husk-seeds
    And wraith-water them green again:these”

    To “wraith-water” something green again. Wow!

    Liked by 1 person

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