from unstaffed silence

To hold a naked note at your trembling waist...

I’ve a song in my chest:
    It lingers like lace
        About your serenaded neck,
            Tip-toes a tickle-trace
          Over your shoulders
To hold a naked note
    At your trembling waist,
        Lilts up a lyrical line
            To finely cup your face,
          And smolders on your smile
Like a candle-lit crescendo.
    I’ve sung you before
        From unstaffed silence,
            Played you from the passion-pit,
          Loved you like I’d learnt the tune—
But hadn’t yet.
    Of musicological science,
        I wouldn’t presume to know—
            Though, somehow, it bends my bow.
          Awhile it’s been
Since I’ve heard your hum,
    Your whisper-wanded wind.
        I want little more than to
             Hark it come sweetly
          And liftingly kiss me
    Softly, sing-a-longly again.

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3 comments on “from unstaffed silence

  1. Soul Gifts

    I hope you have found a tickle-trace of sing-a-longly again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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