and then we were four

Doesn’t matter, and I can’t explain it...

Do listen to the song. It’s singularly superb.

  Doesn’t matter—
                  And I can’t explain it,
        All the pain in it:
                      Why we are,
              How we were,
    What we’ve had to scatter,
                  Sew and stir
          To get green from it.
                    What I can speak to,
                  Is that my heart for you is true,
  The unspeakably pretty three of you—
                      You’re my shored-up wall;
      And I’m your last call for freedom,
              Yet a chasm for the freight train of it,
  I’ll be the smiling bane in it,
      The crazy-sane in it,
            The hazy windowpane in it,
                      And, to the darkside-of-moon,
  The none-too-soon
              Or the remember-when—
    If, right-beside-me,
You’ll rest enough to wide-eyed see,
  And croon for the sweetest reprieve
    Of blue-skied love again,
            Again and again,
        Even inescapably-when
The darkness
                            Trips you up again.

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