More-than-us flows...

    More-than-us flows.
      We sense
            Its clutching touch;
Yet, who knows
    Its full-weighty way
          Without as much
        Regard as such
      Would unreachably demand
          Of one to defray?

No one—
  Under the sun, so very small.

                    Awe—soul-whittling awe—
                  And illimitable love!

  Be they ‘yond the skies
    Or in another’s eyes,
        We dishonor both oft enough:
      Unpocket distance,
    Unbelief, attrition,
Cloaked suspicion,
      Each an unrepayably loaned-against
            Golden leaf;
We’re unwittingly what-matter’s deftest thief.
      We crook elsewhere
  While loot t’was never so far,
But invisibly there,
  Impossibly here,
      Deem it bizarre or dare it untrue—
            For more is certainly mirror-near,
    If not verily where
            Nor mysteriously who
                        We most-wantedly always are.

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3 comments on “most-wantedly

  1. Soul Gifts

    Such a clever use of words. It’s like being a word equivalent hall of mirrors

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    • Thank you, Raili…I was actually struck by your way of describing it, which, in turn, gave me an inspiration for some other work! This was an unfinished, untitled exercise in rhythm from about twenty years ago. In completing it, I noticed after-the-fact that the philosophy of it had broadened from its original inspiration. The prism of our perception is always an interesting introspection, especially in the ever-changing light of new experiences and lessons…some of which involve a hurtful participation. In this, I try—and not without failure—to come out of such things a little bit bigger. For me personally, this piece ended up being just such a tiny proof in that a simple unfinished poem about a specific relationship can morph into being a lot more about life in general than a broken-hearted boy…after two decades of added wisdom, of course. We owe our younger selves not to shame the homework.

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      • Soul Gifts

        Wow – I am honoured to have played a small part in this unfolding wonder and insights! I hope you have posted it. We are blessed to be able to view the unfinished businesses of life lived through the lens of age and garnered wisdom. Lessons embedded waiting discovery. Like spelunking in internal caverns.

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