on jovian clouds

Music: On Jovian Clouds

I’ve been playing with this old track this weekend. I’m gonna leave it alone and move on.


Letting Go:


Kibo’s Dream:

The Drive:


Lake Ransom:



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5 comments on “on jovian clouds

  1. Soul Gifts

    Heart-traipsing, what a wonderful word. You have reached the landing for letting go, stepping off a thirty year path onto the next flight of stairs. Onward and upward. Congratulations 🙂

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    • I’ve traipsed a great deal, Raili, and have tripped…I suspect the adventure of my walk is only now beginning. But my path…perhaps, on its hard and jagged stones, I’ve known no greater peace than when I accepted it as mine. Thank you. Thank you, Raili….sincerely.

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      • Soul Gifts

        That’s the trick, isn’t it, John . The learning we glean from the trips and detours we go on in life. Sadly some become jaded and bitter. You, my friend, have not. Your human-ness, humane-ness shines through in your words and music. They bring offerings of peace to others too. Thank you – sincerely.

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      • Your kindness is taller than I am, Raili, and undeserved…but I do enjoy the warmth in it!

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      • Soul Gifts


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