More music...

More music! Just having a little fun with this project, guys and gals. It’s not in my typical ambient-chillstep style, but I just felt like reaching for something a little vibey and bluesy in it. Hope you enjoy:


On Jovian Clouds:

Tetelestai: :

Letting Go:

Kibo’s Dream:

The Drive:


Lake Ransom:


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2 comments on “crackerjackin’

  1. I listened to this the other evening, and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it, but my DNS server chose that moment to go into a sulk.
    So I’m telling you now – I really enjoyed this piece of music.

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    • Thank you, Jane! It was somewhat outside my wheelhouse, but I wanted to get outdoors. It was the product of playfulness. I’m genuinely glad you enjoyed it…

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