...love, please remember to list...

      Memories, today, tend to fast-forgotten-fad,

Or that we live in quicksand-lees;
      Wow is the world
              I grew into.

          I’d lose in lieu
    The indomitable eighties—
That Socrates

    And Jesus—
            Those we knelt on knees
        To midnight read…

  Perchance to succeed on a kind of peace.
      Just peace,
                No o’erhead nuclear stupidity.

              It’s a tired plow,
        I know, that furrows
  These days, unfortunately and indeed—

Churning this immutable haze
              Of hueless polarity.
        Love, please remember to list

  All the ways
I adored you, so mad-and-recklessly—
            To wist,

                    I’ve sometimes, sadly,
          Been but the barking bluejays
    In your forest.

Yet, I’d take that
    On all my livelong days,
              I beg you not to ignore it—

      I’d always, e’en-hiddenly, trade my hurtest heart for it.

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