throwback: 2000: bravest beauty

All that is green must in time grow old.

I cannot remember,
  For I was but a babe,
      But I do imagine on days such as this
        My first kiss and your bravest beauty,
            The warmth of your arms,
            The winged charms of your tender
            Upholding love over duty.

Would that I could return
  And take your heart along
      To that miracle-moment when you halved your soul,
        Stayed your whole world for the one wonder
            Of my wincing eyes,
            A Sunrise you waited nine months
        To see
            In me as you tucked me under.

My lungs inhaled your smile.
  Your smile exhaled my life.
      And though all that is green must in time grow old,
        It glows gold in me because of you;
            While where I’ve tarnished
            You’ve garnished with the same polish
        And lace
            Of grace you gave when I was new.

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2 comments on “throwback: 2000: bravest beauty

  1. A lovely Mother’s Day tribute (or any day tribute!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Came by this one last night, looking through old stuff and trying to decide what I should bring forward and share. In retrospect, after seeing your comment, I felt somewhat doltish for not scheduling it for Mother’s Day, as it’s just around the corner! But, you’re right, the sentiment is certainly not limited to a page in a calendar. Thank you, again, for stopping by…

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