da Vincian Frame

Four-seconds twice ain’t just a look...

    Safely terrifying;
High art atop danger,
      Eyes come ‘round,
To a dumbfounded
But he sees
  The tell-all of you;
      From faceless-behind he knew,
  Before you threw him
Wide on a glance;
    He stood astounded
  All the same.
      You’re a schism in his name,
A five-alarm fire.
  Against pragmatism;
      Inner bells
    Abound in eggshells.
Four-seconds twice
  Ain’t just a look,
      It’s a rook in play—
And a thrilling way to meet,
  But he’s mistook
    Less for more before.
That was pain down deep.
Perhaps a dance with apathy—
    But you’re a kicked door
    On that nonsensical numb,
      A winced-second surprise;
  The violently rumbled cage
Of a sublime bewitching,
    And its freebird
  Aloft on raging smile.
It’s absurd
    How will-crushingly
      Beautiful you are.
What a while:
  Dim-past the wave and lull
    Of that anesthesia,
Your lashy amnesia;
      A fuzzed-up moment
  ‘Round a zoomed-in torment
Within his thankful head,
    Embedded up there
  Where creep-of-grey is.
Doesn’t know-fast what the date is,
      Or who close-in you really are,
But he’s a far-off day
    From erasing the frame of you,
  Your him-lit face;
That’s scarce grace
      He’s scared enough to hang up
  And onto.

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