So, hell yes, I'm years-long-sore...

              As I rewind,
        On our pictures, I’m chokin’—
            I’m silly-pokin’
  Salt into the

    I ain’t gonna shine;
              Mine’s a burnt sun.
Ain’t young,
        Though my heart is—
Was when I won ’em.


  Though ya’know no whiz-
      Kid in me,
              A crazy bee, maybe—
  Still a quiz:
        And that’s all,
  At my question-mark-core,


              I might ever be.
    But we,
          We were wondrously,
      Somehow mirror-n-smokely,

    So, hell yes,
I’m years-long-sore;
          But, take it on this wince-adore,
                I hurt now

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