wolf of weariness

A flirt-with-leaf and worthless woo...

                The mist betrays you—
        Though your haunch alert,
  Briar-drenched, hid-in-dew;
Your eye-shine bleeds through
          The dapple-light of hurt
    You’ve moon-grown
  To baited fruit untrue.
      A wing-flap, a whisper,
            A flirt-with-leaf,
              And worthless woo:
        As I’ve known you
Since Stewart’s take on a Turk;
  You lurk as if foreknown
        The time and place
                Of my every weakness,
      Using obliqueness as a cover,
            Teeth tight as a lover.
                    You’ve kept apace,
      Made small the space;
              Yet on-the-turn, so-sudden,
    As tables tend-to-do,
          I’ve traced you for years,
Through foggy lens
              Of e’en Mama’s last tears:
    You’re wooden, burned-in,
          Still as a tree—
  Yet, unblind, I race to see.
    There is no chase;
          Your fears are fetchless;
                  I’m catchless.
        And I’ve a narrow flint
    Stun-struck just for you,
    And wit-matchless—
        So, old friend, I’m suffer-done:
                Beware the glinted end
                            Of too-quiet sun.

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2 comments on “wolf of weariness

  1. Wow! What an amazingly written piece that is very evocative and moving. You have a really unique style and each description is smooth, mystifying, enthralling and succinct.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m certaintly no trained writer, Lucy. But I am a feeler, deeply. Pretty sure that’s the ONLY thing that lends value to anything I might dare to put down on paper (virtual or otherwise)! Your compliment is undeserved praise, but thank you, sincerely, for your time and words…not lost on me, my lady. So grateful for the smile you’ve shared!

      Liked by 2 people

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