equum spem

Save Destiny, but She was with you already...

Gentle…easy, Sweet,
      There is no other but me—
  Save Destiny, but She was with you already,
Holding you steady in your stall
      And warm-kept by the wall of morrow.
  You’ve not rested, I can see;
Upon my knee, I discern no sorrow
      In the anxiety of your hoof-stirred straw;
  Else, I’d know in the draw of your breath
If the death of boredom had slaked
      Your lust for the chase.
  Trust me, we both seek in the haggard
Face of time, a wrinkle through
      Which to pass, a crease of rhyme, of reason,
  As to our steepled path of pain.
We will gain it all, now, in one night’s gallop:
      The truth atop a stopless stride,
  Through pride and penchant for ruddy road;
We’ll ride, tonight and after the moon,
      For the sunrise, until right and high—
  With swoon and neigh,
Having strode strongly into our by-and-by—
      We, both, will rest for what we endure
  In the way and wish and wandering why
          Either of us ever were.

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15 comments on “equum spem

  1. Beautiful poem!

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    • I’m humbled, Nora, that you’d find it beautiful enough to say so! Thank you for giving me that gift. I’ve enjoyed my brief time with your writing, as well! I had two thoughts as I left your blog: 1) you should absolutely keep writing, and 2) we all have far more than one birth and one death in this life; we are relentlessly challenged to take another step or three on the staircase of ourselves. A good thing, I believe, if we have a heart and mind for what good it should take us to. Thank you again for stopping by!


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  2. Very interesting

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    • Thanks for reading, Crimson! The music has been getting a lot of attention lately, but I’m honored that you would spend some time among my words, also. Have a great week!


  3. Intense and deep.. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Awasthi…this is one of my recent favorites. It’s an odd phenomenon in how a poet can wrestle with what he writes, sometimes to the point of being unable to fully appreciate a particular piece he’s written. I experience this with some of my pieces. ‘Equum Spem’ is not one of them.

      I am grateful that you’ve shared some of your time among my words. And thank you for the kind comment, as well. Have a restful week, my friend!

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  4. There are so many layers to this poem, which puts me in mind of a river, as it flows over stones, shuffling them, cracking them, and wearing them away. Those with the most erosion are often the most beautiful.

    Trust me, we both seek in the haggard
    Face of time, a wrinkle through
    Which to ride, a crease of rhyme and reason
    As to our steepled path of pain.

    All of your lines are exquisite, but those four wrapped themselves around me. I fear you may become bored with my use of the word exquisite, but please be aware; I present it to few, and only with the utmost sincerity.

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    • I am all gratitude and honor, Jane, I assure you. What I have truly enjoyed is the effort you and Raili and ~M, along with a handful of others, have made not only to embrace what I have written but, perhaps most matteringly, to dig it up off the page and turn it in hand. Poets and lovers of lyrical language, we are more than words. I am grateful for the simplest expression of thanks and enjoyment. But you guys dash a sprinkle of something I can’t give myself: the pull of affirmation and the push of inspiration. Pretty damn cool. And I thank you all for it.

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  6. KarissaYG

    This poem is so wonderful. It is both beautiful and powerful. I am loving your blog!!

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    • If a writer is to allowed to favor some of his/her own work, this one would be one of my personal favorites, Klarissa, a more recent introspection. You’re quite kind; I appreciate you giving me a peek at your thoughts. Please, have a fantastic week!

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