sushi and the sensei

But, lovey, if you’re quick...

“Sushi me again, Dad.”

    “I’d be skippingly glad to…
    Not end this line with a preposition!
    You’ve had six against my measly three,
    And, though good grammar should levy
    No heavy imposition on a father’s love,
    I’m sure you’ll agree you already
    Requisition the best of me,
    My copper-headed dove.
    Now please leave me be
    With the last pea of soy,
    Rice-diapered hamachi,
    And the baby-poop wasabi
    Only I seem not to be nasally above—
    But, lovey, if you’re quick with your bamboo clicks,
    I’d be fuller to sit back into your once-more joy
    Than to steal that smile with my chopsticks.

    Sushi you again, baby.”

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4 comments on “sushi and the sensei

  1. Adorable

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    • Thank you for the kindness in your comment, WD. This short piece was just a spontaneous whim, in honor of and good humor toward my girls, the younger two of three being quite fanatical connoisseurs of sushi. And it’s all my fault…

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