two years

Hide a smile if you can't wear one with ease...

In the crucible of
  Excruciable circumstance,
An acquaintance
    Turned an unlikely friend:
        Take two years,
She sheerly shared with me then.
  Until your head clears,
And you again know more
    Than where you’ve been
        About who you genuinely are,
You’ll for far too long
  Redress the same dream-deep scar.
Until you grow sore
    And sick of stone-throwing,
        Right or astray,
You’ll fall short the shore
  Of where love has you going;
It’s okay to stay,
    For a weak-kneed while,
        For fair weather
Will still be there
  When you get there anyway.
Meanwhile, pace a mile
    For a pinch of peace
        In a why unanswerable,
To replace it with a when
  Worth believing again,
And hide a smile if you
    Can’t wear one with ease.
        As all’s unconquerable
From within the mirage
  Of unassailable walls;
Break free of yourself
    To best be yourself,
        And build someone even better.
You shouldn’t fetter hope;
  While you might
Cope in chains and
    The heart kite on a tether,
        A phoenix’s flight
Is on freedom-fire,
  Each flake of ash
A redemptive fury-feather.
    Take two years
        On an unkind clock;
Rediscover your reflection,
  If on rough-hewn rock;
And, as the spectacle
    Of pain surely disappears
        On that long-promise
Of introspection,
  May you find a thousand
Splendor-lit windows
    For every mirror
        Splintered by false-rejection.

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