For between us there is just dust to water...

Dandelions dare to dizzy the gardener,
      And daisies dutifully dress the dead;
  An imported iris signals great respect,
          As roses might make the newly wed.

          A sunflower shines a kiss for the sick,
    And tulips may tempt or tame a rage;
    Tiger lilies and cats don’t go together,
          Nor do some people and purple sage.

          But what would I do with an empty vase,
  Except put it away with the porridge pots?
      For between us there is just dust to water,
Save this tenacious tangle of forget-me-knots.

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1 comment on “forget-me-knots

  1. Soul Gifts

    Love this bit of whimsy! I’m a sucker for alliteration 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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