kibo’s dream

New music: Kibo's Dream

More to come soon. Meanwhile, this one definitely hangs a hammock on the ambient/contemplative side. As usual, I recommend headphones. Please, enjoy your time with it:


On Jovian Clouds:

Lake Ransom:


Letting Go:

The Drive:




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3 comments on “kibo’s dream

  1. Awesome. Absolutely love this one.

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    • Thank you! I got to play with a few new ideas (for me) in this one, layering and bending sound. Did some new things (again, for me) with the percussion as well, especially toward the very end of the track. I’m glad you spent some time with it, my friend…

      A little background on the track…the inspiration for it came from this simple thought: what if mountains could dream? How might I compose an answer to that question musically? And, in this case, the African Mount Kilimanjaro served as my inspiration. Kibo happens to be one of its three volcanic cones, the highest among them…one detail I felt was significant, as we often describe our sky-high aspirations as ‘dreams’. But, perhaps most interestingly, Kibo is the only one of the three that is inactively dormant, rather than extinct. In other words, Kibo is longingly ‘asleep’. And, finally, I wanted to weave a subtle sense of strangeness into the arrangement in an attempt to add the often otherworldly context of dreaming. In any case, this is what I had when I was done…

      Thanks again for donating an ear to another of my humble projects, December!

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