Mastered and final. Release posted 05.27.2017.



Kibo’s Dream:

On Jovian Clouds:


Letting Go:

The Drive:


Lake Ransom:


5 comments on “tetelestai

  1. Soul Gifts

    Hey John, just reading your About page was enough for me to want to catch the breeze of your words and song. Thank you so much for the follow of Soul GIfts. I am honoured to welcome you into my blogging family 🙂

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  2. This one!!! It grabbed me from the start. Almost haunting in its sound. Would work excellently as a soundtrack for something like BladeRunner, or Humans. Will listen to this a few more times on repeat before actually getting back to work 🙂

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    • Yeah, I had a blast with this one. The edginess and eeriness of it was something I was definitely trying to chase. I’m totally with you on the page of BladeRunner, man! You’ve made my night, brother…appreciate the time you’ve spent here!

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  3. wow what an unique gift of presentation you got there, I just love how your creativeness and depth of your inner soul.

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    • Your kindness is warming, Lexie…thank you for giving the gift of your thoughts. This song, in particular, was a project I kinda didn’t want to end; I feel I could’ve chased the rabbit in it for weeks. Alas, even now other inspirations are knocking at the door…


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