barely there

Happiness, I swear...

‪        My entire life,‬
I’ve fought for the spare:‬
    The chance and the why‬
Of the samurai‬
    Who would die ‬
        For right,‬
And, even when wrongfully lit,‬
    Fight for what is rare,‬
        Barely there.‬
Happiness, I swear,‬
    And being fit with honor,
Is all there ever was—
            All there is
        ‘Neath Heaven’s air.

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2 comments on “barely there

  1. Nice poem. right to the point too.

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    • Thank you, Crystal. I usually don’t know exactly what a poem will look like when I begin. This one was just a poke at an idea in the moment it was done. I appreciate your readership and, as much, your following on with a comment…means a great deal to me. Have a great week!

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