And wheels within wheels is each cloud rolling across her eyes as they uplift...

A calm exists there,
Quilted in the vapor-drift,
As azure slips through the fleecy shift;
And wheels within wheels is each cloud rolling
Across her eyes as they uplift.

Her long-searching gaze,
Questing horizons unseen,
Is at patient peace and dream between,
Glinting with a passion heart-enrolling—
There, the contours of beauty convene.

As with a sculpture,
Her quintessence she holds fast,
Stilled by grace, yet by grandeur unsurpassed;
And in the virtue of her consoling
Is bread enough for my repast.

She is much to me,
Never undressed of stature,
More than all gratitude to the Matcher,
Who, I am certain, has done the doling
That gifted me this suncatcher.

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