throwback: 1991: stowaway

Swing your smile on my heart like children play

Swing your smile
  On my heart
    Like children play

Dare the dream
  Laugh it true
    Long dance the day

Be my joy
  Anchor me
    My lady, stay

Make your nest
  Hide me there
    Your stowaway

Warm my bones
  Feed my soul
    Color my grey

Hold my hope
  Love me first
    My lady, say

  You will.

—October 28, 1991

3 comments on “throwback: 1991: stowaway

  1. Soul Gifts

    I hope your grey is coloured and your nest is cosy 🙂

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    • Nests, end of day, are often vulnerable to seasons, high winds and other swipes of life. Perhaps the most important thing is that we never give up on rebuilding the nest after–or even as–it is, for whatever reasons above us, taken from beneath us. Too, we’d do well to more often remember our wings!

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