some tales have no tell

No legend came by it ignobly

                Go. Be a legend,
        If you think the red-end
    Is within reach.
  But, boy, be sure to bold a show;
Because the middle-green is given to teach
    That cheap couldn’t hope to breach it.

          No legend came by it ignobly.

                So watch the let-in;
        Hellish haunts are fastened
    To, count them, each
  And every turned-back buckle-blow.
‘Cause life ain’t no verdant, evergreen beach;
    Just dunes should you overreach it.

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4 comments on “some tales have no tell

  1. Soul Gifts

    This is one to contemplate on – not to be swallowed whole 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, my friend. Poetry, at times, can be monotonous. Experimenting with the space that frames it is my attempt, even if feeble, to make it less so.


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