Ask a man if, after being beaten down...

                    Ask a man if,
          After being beaten down,
    He’d be beaten down again for what he’s learned.
  Ask him if he’s once turned his back on glory,
  On the rightest thing,
        Or had it turn on him to be drowned:
              An eventual unfettering in chains—
                  But an ignorance then
                  Wisdom unfound would one day
                Weave ten freedoms around.
          Ask him if he’s astounded at being so grounded
      While languishing in the lashing sea,
    The same tumult that capsized him,
  Kept him treading hungrily,
  Caught him clinging to dusk’s dirty coat-sail
    And with an eyeful of rage with which to see
        That he has been guilty,
            For the lesson of becoming better and sage;
              And, though honestly tossed, no soil in sight,
              Already surefooted upon the shore
            To which he’s an-age-been-flailing.
          Sailing or swimming or thrashing for breath,
      Teeth-gnashingly all the same:
  He is lost to the gales of life unto death
And what would prove him rails against his name.
Let honor lay beach where dishonor dug,
    May hope tame the squall and lengthen his reach;
        Though fate might call up the tsunami to teach
          And so test with every question,
          Let him be fearless of his every answer—
      Even on the suggestion
He shouldn’t be.

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4 comments on “buoyancy

  1. Marvelous, my friend. I’ve been dying to read material from you. I was so excited when I saw this pop up. Excellent writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, December. I’ve had my hands full…new home for my girls. And lots of work realizing such a small dream, so that bigger dreams might have a better chance. I’m tired. But stirred. And exceedingly happy to have your company…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my, life’s harsh lessons expressed so eloquently – ‘That he has been guilty,
    For the lesson of becoming better and sage;’

    Liked by 1 person

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