sandbox souvenirs

When I was Icarus on a banana-seat Schwinn...

In myriad ways, now and since,
I’m less a formidable force than then,
When I was Icarus on a banana-seat Schwinn,
A Double Dragon defeater on fifty cents,
A baleful Blackfoot in dun buckskin,
Or a Ranger with hardened steel in his chin.

Deep thoughts were enumerated tootsie pop licks
Or scissor-splitting spit-clogged pixie sticks;
Didn’t take it too hard on a Sadie Hawkins miss—
Holding hands was adventurous, never mind a kiss;
And wouldn’t make too much of the little pinpricks
A bully might brandish against a simple bliss.

Miss Welch taught me cursive for counted naught;
Miss Bryant once jacked me to my toes by an ear
(I feigned half-deaf-to-left for the rest of that year);
Principal Eubanks had the handle on a hardwood swat
And kept my mother’s work-number too damn near—
My heart pocketed it all as a sandbox souvenir.

There seemed less to lose and more to ponder,
In a Members Only jacket impossible to launder
And pants of patched and pearl-snapped corduroy;
If there be any brilliance in me, or purest joy,
Any brightness beyond my most selfish squander,
Let it be the beam of that brave and unbroken boy.


10 comments on “sandbox souvenirs

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  2. ruminatingmuses

    Cool poem.
    When I was a kid I used to go to the city to the arcade spot. One day Doubke Dragon was broken and had endless credits. My best mate and I fought to the end until for the girl we had to fight each other. I won haha
    Funniest day ever. I loved that game

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    • DD was certainly one of the classics that helped to spark, stir and capture the surreal magic inside an arcade. Add to the list: Joust, Moon Patrol, Time Pilot and Tron were some of my very favorites. What wonderment for a quarter, man. Indeed, the 80s in general were years where you could push against any wall bordering adolescence…and it seemed to move. Obviously, my nostalgia reflects on the experience from the American-culture perspective, but just about everything began to hatch from a crackling enchantment. Possibility and potential became ‘things’ again…

      Thank you for reading and sharing!

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  3. ruminatingmuses

    No worries mate. Australia until the last few decades where immigration has natural changed our flavour was and still is heavily Americanised even though our colonisation is British.
    We dabble in both ;-$

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  4. ruminatingmuses

    By the way do you get into sci fi film? I’m wondering your thoughts on the original and latter Tron movies? I love them

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    • I love them, as well! All of them. For the life of me, I cannot understand why the latest installment was less than well-received. I felt it was brilliant and have no qualms sitting down to watch it again, or twice even, on any given day. That said, Tron: Legacy is on my list of all-time favorites, seriously. And, yes, I’m a fan in general. As a consumer, I will opt for science fiction before any other genre. Every. Single. Time.

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  5. ruminatingmuses

    OMG yay! I have watched Trin Legacy say once-twice a week for about 1 month I loved it that much. Given, it was winter!
    But the atomisation of the bike, the fantastic design lines of the future, the concept of the ISOs and their DNA almost being a God like formation being scientifically recreated?! Woo! Jeff Bridges is also as per usual awesome and my favourite is the score. Deep melodic bass.

    For me to Sci Fi is the winner.

    Have you seen the original Westworld with Yul Brynner (“whatever you doooo don’t smoke” adverts when he was older) – great 70’s freaky film. So many movies have nicked that script, Terminator being one.

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    • Agreed on all of the above. Tron: Legacy was a winner and deserved far more praise than it garnered from the self-absorbed critics who feel that dragging anything through the mud for the sake of pointing out its dirtiness is more fun than simply relishing the opportunity to get muddy with it. Fools.

      Westworld has been on my radar since seeing the teasers for the new series. BUT, I haven’t given that chase the time yet. Coincidentally, I was actually thinking of Westworld last weekend as I had some time on my hands; alas, I got lost and carried off in the saddle of other things. I’ve never seen the Brynner original, however; you’ve given me something to remember now, Jord!


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    • I am grateful for the reblog, Niche…you are very kind for honoring me with the backlink. Among my greater collection of poetry, ‘Sandbox Souvenirs’ is one of my more personal favorites, chiefly because it intimately draws from some very vivid childhood remembrances. Thank you again for your repost. Have a great week!


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