throwback: 2007: the dream of words

Hope bore you home and when you came, mystery fell and broke open wide.

Hope bore you home and when you came,
Mystery fell
And broke open wide,
Spilling whim and warmth and wash of wonder
Through your perfect crack in my chest:
An almond-eyed reflection, yet unique,
A sneak of mirrored miracle,
Where even the chimerical—
The expectation that so highly, so brightly,
So rightly shimmered—
Was shattered into shards
And at once outshone.
Blood of my blood,
Bone of my bone,
Belonging to the honor of hopes unknown,
Yet enough my own to have had opened for me
Portals into high promised places
And staircases up which my joy would fly.
An event, heaven-sent, across my soul,
You are purest emotion in cresting waves,
An inundating praise,
Evocatively deep,
So total it enfolds all of me,
Cleanses all I yearn to be,
Inspires stillness and silences science,
Turning all that is known in on itself
To become a single lash-loosed tear of sweetest truth
And a quivering kiss of fearful courage
Upon your cheek—
Roseate, meek and still too tender
For more than the none-gentler touch.
So hard to chase,
Harder to catch,
Hardest to keep,
It could be said of the wind,
And only then with a child’s imagination;
Yet I hold it, I do—
O, how I hold it when I hold you,
Treasure in my chest the breath it brings,
For such is to hold dear
The staying here in livingly loving you,
That I might have that air for song and find
Just one of my simply hummed harmonies
Lifted like a score of saintly symphonies
By the grace and the gift,
The gilt and the glory,
The grandeur of all you are to me.
You are beauty;
You are bounty;
You are every humility infinitely multiplied
By my very best moment in life.
To love you—
Just to bespeak the chance—
Is an expanse of the very rarest riches,
The wealth of worlds safekept in your eyes.
And though such thoughts are as songbirds
Penned onto a perch in the heart,
Where language, at times, truly tries
To survey them with lens of lyric,
You are beyond any tele-poetic gleam:
To love you can be only the dream of words—
Only the dream of words.

—for kj, 06.17.2007

19 comments on “throwback: 2007: the dream of words

  1. This made me catch my breath, and left me wondering, wanting to capture another wisp, to know more – from within myself

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    • I’m honored to know that it drew upon you in such a way, Raili. I tend to think the poet, if he had a hope beyond expressing to himself in some beautiful way what he already artlessly knew, would want to know that he was able to loop the heartstrings of another reader with his pen. And, perhaps, while he was putting forward what was written, also leave the door ajar somehow as to how differently the words might meet and mean to another soul. In such sublimity, poetry has a very real and profound power…

      This piece celebrates the birth of one of my daughters and cherishes for all time that she, as did her sisters, broke the vessel of every expectation and, in an instant, became more incredibly precious than I would’ve ever imagined.

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      • I thought it was something to do with your children. Your wordsmithing is just beautiful 🙂

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      • I want it to be. Moreover, I want for the picture of what is expressed to also be beautiful. For me, to make it so is one of the very first reasons I write…because, in our often too-apathetic world, we need all the lovely we can get. If I miss it on the day, I’m happy to go looking for it on a blank page. Thank you again, Raili, for your abundantly kind appraisal.

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      • Your writing reminds me so much of my friend, the poet/blogger Candice Louise Dacquin of The Feathered Sleep. It is richly packed full of meaning, nuances, emotion, experience that it is akin to a verbal degustation. Hers is raw passion and fire, championing the downtrodden, disadvantaged, discriminated against. Yours has a softer, gentler quality, a pathos and depth. Isn’t it interesting that the yin/yang is counter to what you might expect it to be. I don’t know how else to describe it at the moment. I am delighted to have found your blog.

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      • I believe Candice’s blog was one of the first I followed as I began to look around after getting my own tent stuck in the ground a few months back. We agree on the power of her lilting words. I think she’s earned her own sentence without having me weigh it down on a mention, but I am given pause and cradled by the warmth of your appraisal. Thank you, Raili. I’m glad you happened by my blog, too; you brought a window opened to fresh air with you…

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  2. Your writing tends to catch my breath…..truly sometimes words might mean a different thing to another soul…..love the post….waiting to read more of your writings……

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    • Thank you, Sangoma; it is an honor to have your readership. There’s lots up on my site already and you are quite welcome to wander where you may, my friend. Between my music and written word, I try to get fresh stuff on the board as often as I can. Have a great week and thanks again for the time you’ve spent here.

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  3. Kindly share, comment, like and specially follow my blog, Thank you!

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  4. Loving this post.keep it up


    • Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and encouragement. I appreciate that small investment more than you could know. Enjoy your week!

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  5. My friend Raili, of Soulgifts, directed me here, and in doing so, illustrating how well she knows me.
    You capture superbly that feeling of all-encompassing love and wonder.
    Average dude? I don’t think so…

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    • Jane, you are abundantly kind in giving me that hand up. Thank you. I’m glad Raili gave you directions, likely more to my benefit, I think, than yours. I have sincerely enjoyed the work of your pen so far!

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      • I’m extremely flattered by your generous choice of words. I hope I don’t disappoint you. I have my bad days, and my mad days – although the crazy poetry no doubt affords a little entertainment to some; not least me.

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      • You know, I’ve got some poetry on my desk right now that I’m saving for kindling the next time I take the girls camping. I just hope the noxious gas they’ll put off doesn’t kill any downwind wildlife. Just sayin’.

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  6. God damn, you are talented.

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    • I’ve had lots of practice, my friend. And a life that has required, more often than I would care to have experienced, that I crawl from ash to find my breath again. My writing and music have, even since childhood, served as one of my chief sources of fresh air over the years (to borrow from Jane above, who used similar words in her comments under my ‘Tiza (Excerpt)’ post).

      Thank you, Rahul, for spending some of your time here. I’m humbled by your company. Have a great week, man.

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