It's been a little too quiet in here...

It’s been a little too quiet in here. I’ve had my hands full with real life stuff. I’ve got a few irons in the fire for Windstrewn; so expect some new material soon! In the meantime, let me reacquaint you with an older post that accomplishes a few things at once:

a. If you’ve enjoyed my music or are new to it, Dublemma is the first song I released to Windstrewn. It meets me in the now because of what it attempts to communicate: things can get complicated, but that dynamic does not require that you forfeit being a fixed point of stillness, insight and smiling contentment. There’s such power and freedom in recognizing that.

b. It gives you guys somewhat of an added introduction to who I am, where I came from and what makes me tick. Although my music involves a sometimes significant investment of thought, reflection and emotional engagement, I don’t typically write insight pieces to go along with each song. I’d prefer for each one to stand alone and meet the listener where they are. So this reblogged post is an atypical example in that, in addition to the music, it’s prepared food for the reader, as well…for those who visit here more for the words than the tunes.

c. Lastly, this reblog buys me some time! I appreciate those of you who deliberately choose to spend time here…you guys are the gift of an added sense of purpose beyond what I would do on my own. And there’s no bottom to the well of work you all are doing; to say that I enjoy and am inspired by what I see, read and hear from you guys is an absolute understatement. How cool is our WordPress community?

Have a great Father’s Day weekend!

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2 comments on “dublemma

  1. I’m new to this whole WordPress caper, but liking what I see here. Chance to rub alongside likeminded people. Can’t go wrong with that 😄

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    • You speak the truth, Sticks…can’t go wrong with birds of a feather (yet, birds of another feather, I’ve found, can be quite breathtakingly beautiful!). But, the real quandary is whether or not birds have elbows. Perhaps some self-respecting ornithologist will step forward and declare the answer matter-of-factly, or we can go to Wikipedia, Birds.com or the greater Googleverse to become quick experts ourselves. In any case, you are quite welcome here, Sticks. While music, words and art have been intrinsic to my secret heart since childhood, I opened the doors to this blog for the first time right at the end of February this year on the finally leveling slopes of a significantly tectonic upheaval in my personal life. That said, I’ve pitched my tent among giants, have little right to play between their legs and can’t claim at all to be a writer worth the visit. But I have had fun in the inspirational freedom, creative outlet and honest abandonment in it! For me, that has been beyond enough…

      Thank you for stopping by and, as importantly, for taking the time to comment. I am grateful for your moment’s gift of that invaluable resource. Lots here already, Sticks, to get lost in. My elbow’s all yours.

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