ghosts becoming

I let them go. I flail them in.

      From jumping star to star,
  Tempest-sailing a solar flare,
Lassoing the ice-hot comet
And wince-staring into the glare
  Of all glory, my fireflies in a jar;
      To loose the lid, I draw tempted-near,
            Only to wring it rightly tight—
      But to save them,
  My brightly sprites.
And, with them, come streaking down
  As a shard-of-sublime
Flung from a thousand light-years afar,
      White-char on blue-mantled atmosphere,
    Clutching-dear our handfuls of stolen time—
          Back to earth we fall,
All heaven-heavy inferno-ball.
            I let them go.
    I flail them in.
        I ebb and flow
In the cloud-shadow of a father aflight.
          I love them whole.
  I love them away.
      I love them back,
And hug enough not to beg them stay.
    My wings swing ‘round;
  In full circle, they whistle through the air,
        Their singed tips sing in wisps of smoke
    That our memory is everywhere.
            A ghost becoming
      On wishes and what-of-ing,
I pare a care to the core of one thing:
          My love for them,
      How I should adore the dream
        Where my heart can be steady-lit
    By the blush of their ready beam;
How that’s something
      Worth star-jumping for—
  Again and again, it would just-finely seem.

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7 comments on “ghosts becoming

  1. Soul Gifts

    Oh my, so many interesting words – tempted-near, heaven-heavy, what-of-ing….. so clever! So eye-cathchingly meaning-full

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Raili…as over-populated and tiredly beaten as the English language sometimes seems, I think it still camouflages a lot of creative and emotive opportunity. Countless others I’ve read over the years discover and pen its beautiful secrets better than I dare even try, but I take to it anyway…simply because of how the process opens me up, heals me, teaches me, and loves me back.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Billy Ray and Julie Anne, both, thank you for keeping me company for a moment. Your time and visitation is no small comfort to me. I smile that you might enjoy even one word written here. Have a great weekend!


  2. I like poems that soar out of this world into the cosmos. Good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am warmed that you enjoyed this piece, Tom and Ethel. Much of what I write never makes it to this catalog (and, in all honest humor, some works that have might shouldn’t have); but, if it’s no breach of selfish etiquette, I have to admit this poem is one of my personal favorites on the year. I still enjoy giving it a read, if just to be drawn near again to its emotional gravity for me personally. As you enjoyed this one, my friends, I’ve another to point you to that is thematically similar:


      Thank you for gifting me your time to take in some of my work and share your feelings. I’m both humbled and grateful for your company. Have a fantastic week.


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