Stay the hell away from why.

Over the straightest crooked finger,
  He heart-sternly always said:
    Choose to bear your battles;
  Take care to make your bed;
        Wake wide-eyed to war
For the purest sake of peace;
  And, in peace, brave to pray
    For war nevermore,
  For the links to lose their rattles;
        Face down, find the sky;
Face up, stand your ground;
  Stay the hell away from why
    And hold tight-to-chest your when;
  Thank rain for a thunderclap,
        For a crack in your chip and crown,
Remembering where you’ve been;
  When burlap is all there is for nap,
    Grow fonder still of a ruffle;
  Life’ll callous like saddle-leather,
        But each moment is so very supple—
And, if you’ll weigh it right,
  Ever-fair as a feather.

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3 comments on “raymond

  1. Soul Gifts

    Heart-sternly – such a wonderful, descriptive word for the content to follow! Dads are wise.

    Liked by 1 person

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